Little known fashion fact: no matter what you’re wearing, a gorgeous statement bag has the power to instantly transform your look. Incorporating the right bag into your outfit can elevate even the most basic of ensembles and take any look straight to the next level. While we love a show-stopping heel or a notice-me earring, spring 2016’s hottest ‘it’ bags make a strong case for why your next splurge should be a statement bag.

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Last September the most talked about show during New York Fashion Week wasn’t showcasing the latest designs by Kayne West (sorry ‘ye) but it was the over-the-top unveiling of the Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2016 collection held inside New York City’s Zeigfeld theater.

While most of the county is starting to experience spring, we’re already feeling temperatures that are akin to summer. However, for the days and nights when the humidity is low and a breeze is a-blowin’, men can beat the chill in a bomber jacket.

In recent years, the ever-increasing popularity of spring and summer music festivals has pushed traditional retailers to classify festival style as a whole fashion category in and of itself. Designers have taken notice and responded in kind, offering up a bevy of boho chic styles perfect for the festival-frolicking fashionista.

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Few may know the history of denim, so we’ll give you the CliffsNotes. Back in 1873, a man named Levi Strauss (sound familiar?) moved to America where he sold the durable fabric, which is actually named after a city of Genoa, Italy where cotton corduroy was called jean.

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