Ask any girl in Miami with a fabulous balayage or to-die for extensions where she got her hair done, and there’s a good chance she’ll tell you she went to Femme Coiffure. The Miami Design District is quickly becoming THE place to go for the perfect ‘do, thanks to owner Raphael Reboh’s sleek and stylish salon, Miami’s second location. 

This spring, prepare to look out of this world thanks to galactic-inspired fashion that will take your wardrobe to infinity and beyond. From celestial adorned shirts to supernatural dresses and shoes, we explore the cosmic couture trend.

Ballerinas are known for their lithe, long, and lean bodies that gracefully and effortlessly  — or at least they make it look effortless — pitter across the dance floor.  Years and years of hard work and dedication go into perfecting the art of dancing on point, but luckily for you all you have to do this Spring is slip into a pair of ballet flats that will make you look like you’re ready to star in Swan Lake.

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While the culinary crowds are still waiting for their food to settle from the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, the fashion crowd is scurrying around New York, London, Milan and Paris scoping out what’s new for Fall 2016. With so much ground and catwalks to cover, we narrowed down the runway’s best into these top trends to try from each fashion corner of the world.

Besides the Miami Design District, the next best place to find all of your favorite watch brands together in one place was the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie, one of the world’s premier watchmaking events. Now in its 26th year, the annual timepiece trade show and expo gave attendees the opportunity to browse upcoming styles from renowned brands and notable newcomers.