As if introducing the tourbillon wasn’t enough, Abraham-Louis Breguet’s eponymous luxury watch brand, Breguet, lays claim to one of the most incredible magnetic components ever found in a timepiece: the magnetic pivot.

What do you do once the arm party is over? You turn your sartorial eye to a luxury watch that’s so ornate it deserves its own celebration.

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As we settle into the second half of summer, we can officially say the heat is on. No matter where your plans take you during these slow and steamy months – barbeque, beach or boat – it’s important to look fashionable and sweat-free. Here we break down some styles to keep you looking haute in the humidity.

Bikinis in July, well, that’s a given. However we’re talking hundreds of bikinis and tons of models because we’re talking about SWIM MIAMI. The itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-all-types-of-designer-bikinis will grace runways, pool parties, presentations and installations to debut the latest in swimwear fashions. SWIM MIAMI, also referred to as Swim Week, attracts a stylish set and we caught up with a few different personalities that will be in attendance this year to get the scoop on what they plan to wear to one of the hottest (and sexiest) weeks of the summer.

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Expensive tires, designer shoes — if it touches the ground, it’s worth the splurge. Few brands underscore this notion more than luxury boot maker John Lobb, whose collections are not only skillfully made by artisans (about 190 manufacturing steps are required for each pair of shoes) but also known for their four-digit price tag, and unrivaled quality to match. Following last year’s appointment of Paula Gerbase as artistic director, John Lobb is expanding with its third US location set to open in the Miami Design District’s vibrant Palm Court.

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