Whimsical, colorful and Instagram-worthy, designer Gelareh Mizrahi’s namesake collection of handbags and accessories are just the ultimate trifecta. From python the Take Out Bag (think: plastic shopping bag that you’d get at a bodega), clutches shaped like pizza, French fries and even Karl Lagerfeld’s likeness, you can now find all these must-haves in the new 1,300-square-foot store located in the Design District.

As the largest sporting event in the world kicks off — the 2018 World Cup — Louis Vuitton is celebrating by bringing its exclusive FIFA inspired designs to the Miami Design District. Plus, the neighborhood is the only place in North America with its own stand-alone store.

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While haute couture and high fashion jolts our style's senses, there’s nothing we love the more than a solid, casual look. Specifically, great fitting T-shirts and simplistic staples.  Luckily you can now find expertly crafted wardrobe basics at the recently opened NeuShop.

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Fashion trends come and go, and if Spring/Summer 2018 collections are any indication, today’s trends are modern takes on what’s definitely been here before. From pairing the same hues and checkered patterns, to making your father’s not-so-hot jeans cool again, here are the top fashion trends in menswear for the warmer months:

We’re deep into spring, which means it’s time to decide which pieces are this season’s closet MVPs. Bags, shoes, tees, hats… we’ve analyzed the sidewalks of MDD and the Instagram feeds of some of the city’s most stylish gals to curate a list of the must-have spring trends for 2018. Grab your newsboy cap and a latte from Blue Bottle Coffee and get ready to plunk down some change for the hottest pieces of the season.