If there seems to be a lot popping up around the Design District these days, it’s because there is.

It’s finally here, the grande dame of art events: Art Basel. From fair to fetes that go long until after the sun has come up, there’s plenty to see in Miami this week. And here’s our guide on what to wear.

Here’s what you’ll be wearing soon enough.

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Don’t call your ophthalmologist you are in fact seeing spots. Lots of them. This fall, fashion has gone the way of the lovely leopard.  On the prowl from a something new to spice up your wardrobe? We’re got you covered from head to toe in sexy prints that will help you channel your inner cat girl.

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Cold spells here and there have Miamians running for jackets, wraps, scarves and heat. Here’s how to look chic and stay toasty for the next blast from Jack Frost.

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