Gentlemen, if you’re on the path to getting hitched, your first stop post asking-her-parents-for-her-hand-in-marriage is the Design District. Finding the engagement ring won’t be a problem in Palm Court and the surrounding area that rivals Paris’s famed Place Vendôme. Deciding which ring suits her personal style, well, that may be the tricky part. Save yourself the stress, and read on.

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There’s a lot to love about summer: longer days, ubiquitous rosé and —most importantly— the fashion. Summer brings with it the opportunity to shed some layers and try new looks on for size. Embrace the season with these style essentials in the form of whimsical accessories, billowy silhouettes and statement-making footwear.

He probably taught you how to ride a bike, change a flat tire, tie a tie, and walked you down the aisle. Now it’s your turn to show Dad a thing or two by helping him take his style to the next level. This Father’s Day, don't forget dad, and be sure to show him your appreciation; all wrapped up in a designer box.

Given our tropical climate, the cardinal fashion rule that white can be only worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day does not apply. Or perhaps the majority of the South Florida stylish set is blissfully unaware of the alabaster rule or simply abides by their own. No matter what the case, Memorial Day has come and gone and white is officially on every fashionista’s radar. From shoes and accessories to jewelry and bags, we shine a light on white hot summer whites.

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The Italian label reinterprets a classic ‘60s print for its stylish façade and interiors.

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