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From an early age, Sebastien Scemla, the Founder and Designer of Sebastien James Collection was influenced by fashion. Whether playing in his grandfather’s, who was known as the premier shirt marker, factory or retail shop in Paris, Sebastien has fond memories, yet never dreamed of creating his own line. Like most young men, he had thoughts of being an astronaut or firefighter. Luckily for the style world, he realized his passion was in fact in fashion (his family tree has 5 generations in the industry) and put his knowledge and knowhow into creating a line of expertly crafted shirts for men. And in keeping things in the family, he combined his name along with his son’s to create the label, Sebastien James.

Knit One. Purl Two. Add some fabulous stitches to your style Three. From Stella McCartney and Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs and Hermes, woven wonders graced the runways in a more slimmed down fashion for fall. While some chunky styles prevailed, the majority were light and layered, making knitwear a bit more wearable for our Miami “winter.” Whether you opt for tunics and pants, sweater dresses or accessories, whatever you do, don’t be a knit wit and miss out on adding wovens to your wardrobe.  

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Your fall wardrobe isn’t the only thing you have to think about when the upcoming season arrives. There’s also makeup trends to keep in mind. What should you be wearing on your lips, cheeks and eyes? Consider these looks as seen on the runways at fashion week. Then, shop similar looks in the Design District.

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Here’s the latest from the runways at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.