By now, you've probably begun to wonder about your NYE plans, you've also probably noticed that Miami has plethora of options from over-the-top extravaganzas to party buses. But if you're looking for something a little quieter you could try one of the restaurants in the DD. 

Let us guess? You're not finished with your Chistmas shopping. And you, yes, you over there, you haven't even begun to shop. Well with the advent calendar days coming awfully close to the end it's time to sort out all the fabulous presents you'll be giving this year. And gift cards are cheating. Yes, they are, we don't care how thoughtful you think it is. To help you out we're offering the simple gifts:

It's said that no matter what, everyone always seems to migrate towards the kitchen. That's why we're excited to have Boffi join the neighborhood. Boffi has opened on the corner of NE 2nd Ave and 38th Street. The Italian brand which spans over seven decades is renowned for its kitchens, bathrooms, and closets.  

This Thursday, December 20th, the De La Cruz collection will be showing the award-winning documentary, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. As if that wasn't enougg to catch our attention there'll be a Q&A with the film's director, Alison Klayman. More info is on our calendar. Trailer is below. 

Little known fact: Miuccia Prada has a PhD in poli sci