Maybe it started with that whole Eden, Adam, Eve thing but let's face it, there's something seductivey about a garden. Now, add a burlesque show with dazzling acrobatics, dancing, a pumped up soundtrack a la Moulin Rouge... and you've got Miami's most thrilling pop-up show, Orchid. 

Craving a weekend filled with mimosas and piles of good food but not sure where to go? Head to the Design District to scope out the neighborhood's latest offerings.

ShopBAZAAR aka Harper's BAZAAR's, brand-new online shopping channel comes to life with a pop-up shop in the Miami Design District December 6-9.

The week-long art and culture extravaganza known simply as Basel is a month away from invading Miami. We know there are plenty of places to be, things to be done, and sites to be seen. Regardless of your plans you should spend some time in our neck of the woods and here's why:

Theaster Gates is a Chicago-based artist, urban planner, and cultural provocateur whose critically acclaimed transformative work in Chicago was recently covered by the Wall Street Journal. They praised him for finding "a way to leverage an artistic practice to make a realtime, bottom-line difference in the lives and spaces next door. Gates says he's trying to invent 'the Main Street I want to hang out on,' but he is also pushing art beyond the sphere of social commentary into the arena of nitty-gritty do-gooding." And now Mr. Gates is coming to Miami.