The Haas Bros entered upon this project after many visits between theirs and Elder Statesman's studios. Having poured over deep backlogs of insane colors, patterns and knits within Greg's archives all the while Greg noticing the logic-based beading program developing in The Haas Brothers space, the two came together. They thought they would try to build one of their "logic plants" on a large scale by taking advantage of the rich palette of colors Elder Statesman had stockpiled. The Haas Brothers designed a woven bead "tree" that grows by reading and analyzing the colors in its own structure and responds by producing a new bead with a new color.  Working like a computer program, this one is made to grow into the Miami space and create a multicolored cashmere cave out of large, cashmere-covered beads.  It is a soft, quiet, multi-colored and complexly patterned Oasis of Cashmeres. The life of the structure is written in its color and couldn't be more beautifully expressed than in Greg's cashmeres.

If there seems to be a lot popping up around the Design District these days, it’s because there is.

Site-Specific brings performance out of the traditional theater and into our neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 9 at 7:00 p.m., The Rooftop Garden in Miami Design District

Everything is coming up roses. And daisies. And Orchids, thanks to Miami’s new luxury flower delivery service,  Bringing perfectly curated floral couture bouquets to your door, these are anything but your run-of-the-mill stems stuck in a vesicle. 

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