I scream, you scream—who doesn’t scream for ice cream? Kicking off 2018 on a sweet note, the Miami Design District has opened four new spots where you can get the fanciest scoops in town. Find out more about them, below!

Listen up, coffee lovers! Just in time for the holiday season, there’s a new coffee “cold bar” in town — Blue Bottle Coffee — and it’s made its cozy home in the Miami Design District.

Next time you’re shopping #atMDD, wander over to Jungle Plaza and take a deep breath. Smell those roasting Italian spices? They’re no doubt wafting over from the wood-burning oven of Miami Design District’s newest addition, Roberta’s Pizza. Coming straight to Miami from its flagship restaurant in New York City’s Bushwick, Roberta’s in Miami exclusively serves the restaurant’s famed pizzas and artisanal beers from a makeshift pizza stand made out of two large shipping containers.

September is just around the corner, and here in Miami, that means we’ve reached that beautiful time of year when it’s not quite as humid as usual. (I think the rest of the country calls that “fall?”)

Get ready, Miami—Miami Spice is BACK! From August 1st to September 30th, Magic City diners can indulge in lunch, brunch and dinner at the city’s trendiest restaurants, all at set prices (just $23 and $39!) that make it a little easier on the wallet.