Even with all of the exciting restaurant additions to the Miami Design District over the past year, Brad Kilgore’s latest restaurant, Ember, is one Miami diners have been anxiously waiting for. Lucky for them, its fateful opening has finally arrived—and as you’d expect of anything Kilgore touches, the food is mind-blowing good.

Is it ever not happy hour? With a variety of restaurants and bars serving up all kinds of libations and bites, the choice is clear; the Miami Design District is your new happy hour spot. The hardest part? Deciding where to start and end your evening.

To say mixologist Nico De Soto is well-traveled is an understatement—he’s lived in 86 countries and worked in 31 of them. Before coming to MDD, he led some of the most respected bars in Paris, NYC and London; was listed on theTop 5 NYC Most Legendary Bartenders(Grandlife, 2013) and Top 4 International Bartenders of the Year (Tales of the Cocktails, 2017); and was named Most Influential French Bartender(Cocktail Spirits, 2014). Now, with Kaido, he’s made his mark on the Miami bar scene, too. Influenced by De Soto and chef Brad Kilgore’s love for Asia, Kaido serves high-end bar food and cocktails made with traditional Japanese flavors and techniques. 

Brunch isn’t just a staple in South Florida—it’s a way of life. And here #atMDD, we’re all about celebrating the best things life has to offer. Here’s where you can do your weekend brunching in the Miami Design District:

Miami’s food scene is both a blessing and a curse. Drawing budding and top-the-line chefs alike, countless restaurants are popping up everywhere from South Dade to Little Haiti. But with so many options, it’s sometimes impossible to know where to go.