Everyone who’s anyone has heard about Swan and Bar Bevy, the much-anticipated addition to the Miami Design District from nightlife impresario, David Grutman, and rapper, singer and hospitality aficionado, Pharrell Williams. Spanning 13,500 square feet, this restaurant and lounge is as charming as its owners are popular. A setting with two spots in one, Swan and Bar Bevy each beat to the pulse of Miami in different ways. No matter which side you choose for your night out #atMDD, this three-way collab—which includes Top Chef Europe champ, Jean Imbert, who the duo tapped as Executive Chef — is the dining destination everyone in Miami is buzzing about.

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Fall is in the air! And the best way to get in the spirit of the cozy season is to throw a fall dinner party and invite your favorite family and friends. Never hosted one before? Read below—we’ve rounded up some handy tips and tricks to guide you as you plan.

Your workday is over. You’re craving food or, like most of us, a much needed post-work drink. The million-dollar question is… where do you go to find it?

Like it does every year, Miami Spice is heating up restaurants all across the Magic City—the Miami Design District included. During this special time of year, which runs from August 1st to September 30th, foodies can treat themselves to three-course lunch, brunch and dinner menus at some of Miami’s finest restaurants, all set at $23 and $39 prices.

For Anastasia Koutsioukis, Miami is where her Mediterranean dreams come true. First, in 2009 she opened her dream restaurant, the popular Mandolin Aegean Bistro  with her husband and now in 2018, her dream store, Mrs. Mandolin. Named after the moniker that Anastasia was given by the locals and travels who frequent the restaurant over the years, Mrs. Mandolin is a café and lifestyle store inspired by travel, global markets, culture and the effortless ease of the Mediterranean way of life.

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