The most romantic day of the year happens to be on a weekend, leaving you plenty of time to execute the perfect date. Here’s a short list of couple happenings in the Miami Design District that will take the pressure off of planning.

Close to the Edge is not only the name of rock group YES’ seminal 1972 album, it’s the title of visual artist Nicole Eisenman’s 2014 oil painting.  In both, composition is king.  Largely praised for their kinetic chemistry, YES had that same juju that Eisenman captures with the protagonists and elements in her pieces.  In knowing the weight of this moniker and what Close to the Edge could evoke, the artist is keenly aware of the connotations and assumptions that she invites into her work.

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National YoungArts Foundation promotes YoungArts Week—a week that has been happening for the past 35 years—as a life-changing experience.  With 12,000+ artists from around the country ages 15 to 18 applying to be part of YoungArts Week, only 170 winners have been selected in the visual, literary, performing, design and cinematic arts. 

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Ahhhh, December in Miami. Winter for the locals and a break from frigid temps for most visitors. However the weather isn’t the only thing that makes Miami so desirable in December. The common dominator? Miami Art Week.  The annual art extravaganza takes over the city the first week of the month and just like the artists who have been carefully curating their exhibitions, those attending the shows and parties are busy organizing what they plan to wear. We caught up with some of the boldface names that will be hopping from fairs to parties and events in between.

Primary Projects returns to the Design District with Unfinished Gem: Intrinsic Beauty a show by Miami-based artist Karen Starosta-Gilinski, her first solo show with the gallery.  Positively moving in its simplicity, empty glass jars, found objects, and tiny bits of metal –screws, scraps, nuts, and bolts– are elegantly displayed on pedestals and clear Plexiglas shelves throughout the Primary Projects pop-up space.  The throwaway jar of a gourmet jam once enjoyed at the breakfast table, or a plastic container picked up somewhere along Starosta-Gilinki’s travels, are given a second life in this exhibition.