Over the past month, Locust Projects has hosted a series of engaging Roundtables talks at their space in the Design District.  An ongoing program with topics proposed and moderated by local artists, one special edition looked at site-specificity and context in Jacqueline Falcone: The Wrong Place.

The work of Miami-based multidisciplinary artist Jillian Mayer examines media, the future, and the ways in which the former is leading us, sometimes absurdly, into the latter. Its biting humor tends to border on the bizarre. 

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The paintings of Miami native John La Huis are dynamic enough to seem channeled by multiple artists from various dimensions. Whether depicting bits of nature, iconic human figures, or scenes from the day-to-day around him—presented as flatworks or dreamily embedded onto the sides of cubes—they are all richly abstracted, representing both a distance from and close relationship to reality. They are as important for what they are missing as for what they contain—in their fragmented restraint, they become both sculptural and referential of something larger. Paintings of flora appear almost collaged; a boat on a heavy, navy-blue background exists only by the thread of a quick line; a cowboy emerges from and disappears into a grey backdrop, powder-blue dots that may or may not have anything to do with his form creating an accompanying pattern.

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K-HOLE’s Dena Yago and Sean Monahan are going to find the skeletons in our closet. Leaders in trend forecasting, Yago, Monahan, and their co-founders belong to a New York-based collective that investigates how brand and consumer experiences are crafted in contemporary culture. They have been invited by the Institute of Contemporary Art to use Miami as a case study during a three-day residency, where they will examine real estate development, social practice, and community and historical events, among other social and visual metrics. On the final day, Yago and Monahan will present their research and discuss findings in an interactive workshop that will be filmed and documented in K-HOLE’s ICA Magic City report.

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It is the rare soul who can effortlessly infuse the D.I.Y. spirit into an oversaturated art market without it feeling forced, or worse, corny. It’s a mission undertaken by many, but rarely fulfilled until an actual artist steps in. Cue Oliver Sanchez and Swampspace, a 2009-born contemporary art space in the heart of the Miami Design District. It feels like a bastion of ingenuity, an almost-literal diamond in the rough. Sanchez—founder of Swampspace and a Miami native—is a fabricator and sculptor, helping to build artists’ visions into reality. He’s crafted works for Daniel Arsham, Bhakti Baxter, and Bert Rodriguez—among others—earning him the title “Miami’s best-kept secret” by Ocean Drive.

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