Neighborhood Reclamation, a new installation by Michael Vasquez, presents an alternate, deconstructed and optimistic environment for the protagonists that have traditionally been at the center of his practice.  Opening this month at MDC Museum of Art + Design, the figurative artist has painted a series of interspersed canvases that range in form and size, with the typical trappings of an underserved community – homes, yards, clothing lines, garbage, and the rubble of broken walls and fences – but without people.  Walking through Neighborhood Reclamation, where freestanding works are arranged to create a winding path through MOAD’s gallery, viewers will find themselves to be this community’s pedestrians, which in all its dilapidation, also shows intentional signs of renovation and progress. 

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Role Play, the new exhibit for internationally published and acclaimed fashion photographer Steven Meisel, couldn’t be more aligned with the cross-pollination of arts evolving in Miami Design District.  Where LOEWE opened its first U.S. location in the neighborhood earlier this year, creative director Jonathan Anderson sought to explore the positive tension between ideas of heritage and forward-movement.  Meisel’s photographs were among the key references that inspired his reconfiguration of the Spanish luxury brand, and uniquely reflect a cultural movement that is alive and at play at LOEWE and in the District at this very moment.

Documenting the events over the course of one tumultuous year, Datuna: Portrait of America portrays the compelling life of Georgian-American artist David Datuna.  The film follows his childhood dream to leave the former USSR in pursuit of cultural and artistic freedom in the United States.  Familiar faces, including the Design District’s Craig Robins, weigh-in on the artist’s journey, which at its heart, raises questions about identity and nationality through the lens of new mediums.

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The city is talking more than usual this month.  An ode to storytelling, and the written and spoken word in all its old school and 21st century tech-friendly mediums, O, Miami is most thoroughly infiltrating South Florida with prose, haikus, pop-ups and spontaneous acts of creativity.   From the digital canvas of the InterContinental hotel to the fences of Miami Design District, April has been dog-eared for the O, Miami poetry festival.

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Brent Birnbaum created a mountain of eleven running treadmills, assembled with clamps, ropes and extension cords at the annual SPRING/BREAK Art Show during Armory Week in New York.  Occupying a non-descript room in the Skylight at Moynihan Station (in the historic James A. Farley Post Office Building), the candy-colored conveyor belts of Birnbaum’s treadmills captured the non-stop pace of a weekend saturated with fairs, exhibitions and parties.  Curators Elizabeth Denny and Craig Poor Monteith described the treadmills as relics of a capitalist dream, in which the purchase of a product has the potential to transform one’s life and lead to self-improvement.  This was all the more poignant in the context of SPRING/BREAK, where form overrides function, and value is altered by framing the treadmill as an art object rather than a cardio machine.

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