Part McKittrick Hotel, and part art-crawl, “Site-Specific” is Miami Design District’s monthly event series that’s awakening spaces through the performing arts this spring and fall.  

Saturday, March 22 at the Colony Theatre, Miami Beach

It's fair to assume that the last time you were in physics class, you didn't half-expect those jumbled formulas and endless symbols to congeal into something visibly beautiful, did you? If you did, you're a clairvoyant. If not, the work of New York-based artist Kysa Johnson is bound to change (and bend) your mind.

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This Saturday, 3/15, you won't want to miss a very special evening of live performance in the Miami Design District. 

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Normally, construction projects work from the ground up. But what if these constructions could disintegrate and reinvent themselves in a similar fashion? History is revisited and reimagined by New York-based artists Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher with a remarkable project entitled Time of the Empress at The Screening Room in Wynwood.`

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