Leave it to Louis Vuitton to build an architectural masterpiece by Charlotte Perriand in Milan, have it deconstructed and then shipped to Miami just in the knick of time for Art Basel 2013, which ran Dec. 3 to the 8th. Yes, design buffs relished the sight of La Maison au bord de l’eau (“the house on the water”), a miniature modern home floating behind The Raleigh Hotel as it played host to the week’s swankiest affairs — from an intimate dinner to a lazy afternoon barbeque — compliments of the Design Miami satellite exhibit.

The stars posing for the cameras couldn't answer questions, or even speak, during this event. They just looked pretty, gave their spectators a chuckle or a healthy roar. A 1972 Dodge Charger accompanied by two Playboy bunnies, the newly-launched V-12 hybrid hypercar La Ferrari and an ancient XJ Jaguar blasting The Champs classic 'Tequila' from a set of jury-rigged woofers in its trunk were only some of the four-wheeled stars rolled out by Adam Lindemann's New York-based gallery Venus Over Manhattan in conjunction with Ferrari USA.

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The collision between fashion, art and design has become an ever-increasing priority on the Art Basel calendar, especially in Miami. In a place where all thre disciplines seamlessly converge, it is only appropriate that a carmaker known for harmonizing beautiful art and intelligent design alongside an international magazine that documents global trends in form and function have created a challenging exhibition: Handmade.

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Sure, it ties the room together, but if you ventured to The Rug Company on November 7, you know there’s a lot more to rugs than just matching the couch and curtains. Previewing its new collection by none other than Alexander McQueen, The Rug Company in the Design District hosted a panel discussion with its co-founder Christopher Sharp and Cultured’s Editor in Chief Sarah Harrelson. Craig Robins also weighed in on the conversation, which was moderated by artist Cristina Lei Rodriguez. The topics: Fashion meets the home and creative crossover. It was a perfect tie in for the McQueen preview, which entailed gorgeous rugs that are three years in the making. In the collection, you will find fashion for the home in the form of military-inspired rugs in hand-knotted Tibetan wool and silk, hummingbird-covered floor covers in hand-woven pashmina and silk aubusson, and even feather rugs in hand-knotted silk. The standouts include a Monarch butterfly inspired rug in a bold, deep red hue. And skulls—of course—in a variety of sizes on the rug simply titled “Skull.” Matching pillows are also on the menu, because a couch is like a little black dress that needs a fabulous accessory. And a living room is like a beautiful form, just waiting to be dressed. The rug, then, would be the anchor to any good outfit. It’s a Christian Louboutin shoe, a Chanel Bag, a Prada belt. Or, in this case, a McQueen dress so stunning, you build the rest of the look around it.

We just about hit the floor when we heard the news that FLOR was bringing their genius home décor concept to the District.  Unfamiliar?  FLOR is the creative, stylish alternative to flooring options that uses innovative and unique carpet squares to create custom rugs, runners or any size floor design.