In an age of fast-food, fast-fashion and everything accessible at your finger tips thanks to fast-wired smartphones, it is surprising (and refreshing) to come across a company that takes a slower approach. Enter The Rug Company, one that prides itself on crafting stunning creations entirely by hand.

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Hugo França’s dramatic furniture and sculptures get exposure in a flourishing natural environment.

Although he’s perhaps best known for his Lockheed Lounge, there’s hardly an object or industry Marc Newson hasn’t designed.

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Leave it to Louis Vuitton to build an architectural masterpiece by Charlotte Perriand in Milan, have it deconstructed and then shipped to Miami just in the knick of time for Art Basel 2013, which ran Dec. 3 to the 8th. Yes, design buffs relished the sight of La Maison au bord de l’eau (“the house on the water”), a miniature modern home floating behind The Raleigh Hotel as it played host to the week’s swankiest affairs — from an intimate dinner to a lazy afternoon barbeque — compliments of the Design Miami satellite exhibit.

The stars posing for the cameras couldn't answer questions, or even speak, during this event. They just looked pretty, gave their spectators a chuckle or a healthy roar. A 1972 Dodge Charger accompanied by two Playboy bunnies, the newly-launched V-12 hybrid hypercar La Ferrari and an ancient XJ Jaguar blasting The Champs classic 'Tequila' from a set of jury-rigged woofers in its trunk were only some of the four-wheeled stars rolled out by Adam Lindemann's New York-based gallery Venus Over Manhattan in conjunction with Ferrari USA.

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