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The subject of the spotlight at Gucci’s store on NE 41st street is its newest mannequin, which dons a bold orange sweater and perches atop a brown leather handbag in ethereal fashion. Though this model may lack the stature to walk the runway, it epitomizes the elegance inherent to Gucci with an effortlessness unmatched by its gawky, long-limbed human counterparts. In short, Gucci’s dachshund mannequin has stolen the show, and rightfully so.

The dachshund is one-third of the store’s show-stopping canine trio, which also includes a poodle clad in a leather harness that matches its luxuriant, jet-black fur. Together, they serve as ambassadors of the Gucci Pets collection, which offers designer accessories for the world’s most fashionable cats and dogs. 

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michelle worked closely with Namibian-German artist Max Siedentopf to develop a capsule that “allows each animal's personality to shine as an ode to (Michelle’s) vision of individuality.” Siedentopf, whose work leans toward surrealism, took charge of art direction and product photography for the release. In one of his photographs, an exquisitely groomed papillon reclines regally on a pet bed covered in a jungle-inspired print. In the foreground, we see the $1,750 food bowl that this papillon eats out of – along with the Gucci duffle bag that presumably serves as the dog’s transportation vessel. Siedentopf’s photography, which also includes an endearing family portrait of four dachshunds with coordinated collars, emphasizes the lighthearted nature of the collection. 

Despite the comedic value of Siedentopf’s photography, pets clad in items from the collection will not miss out on Gucci’s renowned attention to craftsmanship and materials. The monogrammed travel pet bowl case, for example, is dressed in demetra trim, a new material “crafted from animal-free raw materials that are primarily from sustainable, renewable, and bio-based sources.”

In addition to sweaters, collars, and bowls, Gucci’s pet collection includes a range of t-shirts, floor mats, and even miniature “waste bag holders” with gold clasps. The retro-inspired line of products is available now at the Miami Design District, and the whole family is welcome to take a look – regardless of species. 


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