Gift Outside The Box

Let us guess? You're not finished with your Chistmas shopping. And you, yes, you over there, you haven't even begun to shop. Well with the advent calendar days coming awfully close to the end it's time to sort out all the fabulous presents you'll be giving this year. And gift cards are cheating. Yes, they are, we don't care how thoughtful you think it is. To help you out we're offering the simple gifts:

1. Art

Nothing says I think you're awesomely avant garde like an original work of art from a hot, new talent. Not sure, they'd get it? Get them a membership to Locust Projects

2. Accessories

Gifting a "new classic" is always a good idea and few brands can match Prada in that department. 

3. Charity

Let them know that the world is a little better because of them. The American Red Cross makes it eay. $30 = 3 hot meals $50 = a military comfort kit $100 = two full days of emergency shelter.