Why the Breguet Classique Chronométrie is One of the World’s Most Attractive Watches

As if introducing the tourbillon wasn’t enough, Abraham-Louis Breguet’s eponymous luxury watch brand, Breguet, lays claim to one of the most incredible magnetic components ever found in a timepiece: the magnetic pivot.

This unique innovation, introduced in the Classique Chronométrie, features properties that render the wristwatch immune to the negative effects of magnetism — which in turn work to improve pivoting, rotation and balance of the timepiece. More than attractive, the magnetic pivot holds the watch within a sort of gravitational force (thanks to two cantilevered balance springs) that keeps it resistant to shock.

Balancier Sur Mouvement Chronometrie Detail

Photo: Balancier Sur Mouvement Chronometrie Detail

So even if you’re easily rattled, trust that your Breguet Classique Chronométrie will keep its Zen (read: the balance staff will always remain centered) no matter the circumstance.

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