Five Wild Designer Trends to Try in 2016

Is it too late to make New Year’s resolutions? If you’re embarking on a diet or something else that requires immense amounts of discipline, yes. Though there’s still time to focus on new fashion and the freedom to explore the latest trends in the upcoming months. Like rather than vowing to lose weight, pile on the pounds in the form of a weighty leather tunic. Though if you do resolve to slim down, Versace’s disproportionate styles are sure to lessen on the load. Here, these and other wild designer trends to try in 2016. 

Tom Ford 2016 Shoes

Tom Ford Pumps
For spring/summer ‘16 Tom Ford bucked tradition by foregoing a runway show in favor of a short video starring Lady Gaga and a gaggle of models. If the pop star wasn’t distraction enough, Ford outfitted his models in some very funky footwear, such as the hand-painted, open back ankle strap pumps you’ll notice as pops of color in the video. A partly covered heel, animal prints in striking shades and ankle-strap-meets-sling-back design make it the avant-garde shoe to slip into in 2016. Tom Ford, 103 NE 39th Street, Miami, 786-749-2600

Loewe Bag 2016

Loewe Animal-Shaped Handbags
Though known for the iconic Amazona handbag, Spanish label Loewe is responsible for a slew of other stunning accessories. For spring/summer 2016, creative director Jonathan Anderson adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise classic collection with the animal handbags. The calf leather elephant-shaped accessory is available in six colors for a playful look that’s also versatile. Loewe, 110 NE 39th Street, 305-576-7601

Versace 2016

Versace Asymmetrical Dress
One of these things is not like the other, as in the right side of this Versace dress is unlike its left side. For those who like their belt to match their handbag to match their shoes, this look is likely not for you. But if you’re kicking off 2016 with the impetus to try something new, Versace’s spring/summer 2016 collection with its assortment of asymmetrical dresses is just the place to start. Versace, 186 NE 39th Street, Units 116 & 216, Miami, 305-573-8345

Celine 2016

Céline Leather Tunic
Leather jackets are so 2015. In 2016, sleeveless tunics are the way to rock rawhide. If the style is still too daring, take a cue from Céline’s spring/summer 2016 show and wear it over a jumpsuit or long sleeve blouse for a pared down look. Céline, 191 NE 40th Street, Space 101, Miami, 305-866-1888

Valentino 2016

Valentino Fishnet Dress
“Less is more” is an adage Italian designer Valentino subscribes to, as witnessed by the fishnet dress in his eponymous label’s spring/summer 2016 collection. Finding a suitable occasion to don the skimpy ensemble may take more work than mustering up the courage to leave the house showing some skin—but there’s always your next vacation. Valentino, 140 NE 39th Street, Miami, 305-639-8851