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Fall is right around the corner – and while the leaves in Miami might not be changing, gentlemen, your wardrobes definitely should be. And to make sure you fill your closet with the right styles this season, we’ve asked blogger and male stylist extraordinaire Jonathan Urbina, of, to give you a few shopping tips.

Here’s what our fashion guru had to say:

Tip #1: Put those sandals away, and lace up.
Just because it’s hot in Miami, doesn’t mean your feet should act like they’re still on the beach. “Forget your thong flip-flops and your Jesus-strap sandals, and welcome your feet back to the world of decency,” Jonathan says. “Lace up with a pair of Marc Jacobs sneakers. It doesn’t really matter which ones; just give your feet, and the people around them, the respect they deserve.”

Tip #2: Color it darker.
Put away those summer brights! It’s time to join the masses and dress in the dark dyes of solemn autumn. As Jonathan tells us, “Fall means the beginning of the end – it’s the end of summer, and the beginning of a long stretch until you can take another three-month ‘vacay.’ That said, take your newly-found sadness and use it to express yourself through your clothes. Dig back to the Maison Margiela section of your closet, and throw on that brown pullover that makes you look as angry as you feel.”

Tip #3: Keep the layers coming.
Saying Miami isn’t a cold city is the understatement of the century. That said, it doesn’t mean we Miamians don’t drool over the same jackets the rest of the world does – like the new line at Dior Homme. “Plus, wearing an extra layer helps tell your mind that Fall has made an appearance, even if it is 100 degrees outside,” Jonathan says.

Tip #4: Get creative!
Even if you’re not wearing bright, flashy colors, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your fall fashion. Our favorite male stylist says it best: “Think outside of the box, and keep your wardrobe interesting by incorporating unique textures. Reference brands like Valentino and Gucci to see how you can turn your simple threads into something that will get all eyes on you. Above all, you want to be yourself, so if you can show that through your clothing, than you’ve already won half the battle.”

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