One of the many beautiful things about Miami is the blending of cultures, style and design. It gives the city an undeniable uniqueness, and it is this fusion that has inspired the new Prada store in the Design District.

Blending Art Deco style with hints of Latin American influence, the new store features juxtapositions of design that are still representative of the Italian design house.  Combining modernism with midcentury Brazilian design, Prada has put a twist on their new home.

Before entering the store, the ground replicates Prada’s own home, the historic Prada store in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan with the black and white marble checkered Art Deco floor. The exterior is designed with a series of dense white vertical blades over large windows that, depending on the sunlight’s reflection, reveal or conceal the inside of the store.

The checkered floors flow into the interior, which has lime green stripped walls and a ceiling that features slender beams across that can been seen in Prada shops around the world.

Throughout the store there are furnishing from some of Brazil’s most notable mid-century style designers including Joaquim Tenreiro — widely regarded as the father of modern Brazilian design — Carlo Hauner and Martin Eisler, Jorge Zalszupin, José Zanine Caldas, and Sérgio Rodrigues. The selection of original and unique pieces feature a natural feel with the use of elements, Brazilian rosewood, combined with expert craftsmanship that set the mood of the space and the flow of the store.

The way in which the pieces are set around the store, creating vignettes more reminiscent of a home than a retail space, make the store warm and inviting to shop the collection of clothing, handbags, accessories and footwear collections for men and women.