Empresa Launches its First Fragrance

Empresa, MDD’s resident rock-and-roll cool kid, has officially launched fragrances. The Empresa brand, founded by two brothers with a passion for high fashion, quality, and modern durability, translates their approach to fashion to the olfactory world with their newest endeavor. The unique scents aim to distill the Empresa philosophy of style, quality, and emotion into 100ml bottles.

Each of the 11 fragrances represent the journey of the Empresa brand and the inner evolution of brothers’ lives. The scents are meant to evoke nostalgia, highlighting the importance of scent and the deeply personal connection that exists between scent and memory.

The brothers’ love for the desert is a key component to the collection; most evident in the Desert Sense fragrance, an intense scent created with natural essential oils and inspired by the desert light and colors. With notes of cedar wood, patchouli, and black pepper, this spicy scent is truly unique.

For a lighter, sweeter scent, we love Ebony, a scent that utilizes notes of cedar wood, white flowers, vanilla, and amber to evoke happy vibes. The other scents include: Ambre Vanille, Amris, Ashram Extreme, Casmiran, Houd, Marine Ambroise, Nyree, Patchouly Extreme, and Pure Nerua.

If you’re in the market for a unique and new signature scent that feels deeply personal, head to Empresa to find the essence that fits you best.