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A new year is here, and that means it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions! And if you’re like 25 percent of the country, at least one of those resolutions is probably to get in shape. To beat the odds and actually stick to those goals — whether it’s to lose weight, bulk up or just feel healthier, in general — find a form of wellness you love.

See five of our favorites, and where to find them, below.

Get your heart rate up.

First thing, first: If you want to get in shape, you’re going to need to burn some calories. Orangetheory helps you do just that. Each class runs just an hour, and is based on the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)—or the “afterburn” effect, where your metabolism remains elevated even after you’re done exercising. Instructors bounce between cardio and strength training to spike everyone’s metabolism, and participants wear special technology to monitor their heart rate throughout. The ultimate goal is to keep everyone in the “orange zone,” the level of activity where they’re using 84-91percent of their maximum heart rate, for at least 12 minutes.

Hire a personal trainer.

Don’t know what to do at the gym? Let a personal trainer show you the ropes. At DBC Fitness, get one-on-one training with the same guys who train Miami Dolphins players, Miami Heat players, celebrities and more.

Relieve some tension—in your mind, body and soul.

From stretching and toning to stress relief, it’s no secret that yoga has innumerable health benefits. Get your fix at Ahana Yoga, a family-owned yoga studio in the middle of the Miami Design District. Perfect for beginning and advanced yogis alike, Ahana Yoga offers a traditional approach to ashtanga yoga asana, taking participants through a sequence of postures that can be adjusted to fit their individual needs and strengths.

Rise up.

Expert personal trainer Jason Walsh has brought a new fitness trend to Miami, and that trend is Rise Nation. Using a movement and progression-based fitness philosophy—one based on natural body movements like crawling, walking, running and climbing—Rise Nation’s group-training sessions change bodies, minds and lives in organic, effective ways.

Practice self-care.

Getting healthy isn’t just about exercising. It’s about making sure you’re taking care of your whole self, inside and out. After a hard couple weeks of work and working out, treat yourself to a little pampering. The indulgent eména spa offers a long menu of facials, massages, hair treatments, nail and makeup services, cosmetic injections, laser hair removal and more.

Happy New Year!

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