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For some, spring is the arrival of a new season, meaning a new awakening, a rebirth, a fresh start. For others, it marks the arrival of a whole new set of bags to carry your necessities in from square A to B. If you’re part of the latter mindset, keep reading because the pouches highlighted below mark the biggest trends to hit handbags this spring.


Ripe On

When it comes to patterned purses, Gucci’s freshly picked strawberry sack is the quintessential satchel for spring. Playful berries adorn a classic-shaped bag that is as whimsical as it is sophisticated.

Size Matters

This season, bigger is better when it comes to bags. Tom Ford sent oversized totes down its runway. But when it comes to carrying a sizeable sack, feel free to stick to a subtle neutral hue. The sheer enormity of the bag itself is enough to stand out.

Natural Selection

Oversized totes make a revival this season. And this one from Valentino not only capitalizes on that trend, it also brings in the natural element that made rounds on the spring runways, as well. The woven bag whispers hints of the boho trend, which yearly makes a spring revival. If you’re looking to maximize on trends this season, double down on this bag.  

Meaningful Monikers

The logos that patterned so many ‘90s trends yet again re-emerge this spring. Logos land on everything from shoes to bags this season. Balenciaga’s take on the trend is this unassuming black bag that states exactly where you’ll find it.

Dye Job
Tie dye is a trend you may have not predicted to make a resurgence this spring, but in the hands of Prada, tie dye takes on an uber chic twist. When patterned across a modern-shaped satchel, tie dye transitions from hippie to haute.

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