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Have you met Meg? She’s the heart and soul of OTL, dishing out friendliness and attention while she briskly organizes your super seed butter toast and on-point coffee.  She’s one of those rare creatures who you’re happy to see, even before you’ve had your morning caffeine fix.

A born and bred New Yorker, Meg spent her younger years as a competitive cheerleader (which she says most people don’t believe). After many human pyramids and back handsprings, other horizons beckoned. There was a degree from Parsons and a few years in the fashion industry,  but ultimately food -- specifically the relationships that develop and are nurtured around a meal—always seemed to be calling, so she made the switch and started working at The Smile, NYC’s cult-fave boite where low-key celebrities and Bond Street locals roll up for delicious food, artfully beaten-up furniture and a chill vibe. When The Smile team along with partners Craig Robins and David Grutman, decided to create a café hangout that would satisfy a neighborhood both relaxed and discerning, they started by persuading Meg to helm it. Find out more about one of our favorite and friendliest New York transplants.

Meg at OTL Miami in the Miami Design District

Your morning ritual

Is to not be ritualistic, well besides Hermann (my cat) being my (unwanted) alarm clock. I let the mood of the day decide the beat, but of course I have to have my coffee.

Your go-to for inspiration

The water, the tides and the waves awaken me and at the same time bring me peace.

Your role model

My mom. She’s the shit.

Plan for Saturday night

Making sure I don’t hinder my favorite day of the week which is Sunday. I like to end the week right and start the week right. That being said, I’ll check out a new restaurant or a show.

Favorite getaway

My balcony. I like waiting to see dolphins.

Good luck charm

I don’t have one.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Omnilingualism. Being able to communicate with anyone and everyone would be AWESOME. I’ve been working on my Spanish it’s getting better. Poquito a poquito. 

Your advice on how to spend a day at MDD

I’d start off with grabbing some brekkie at OTL and getting in some people watching. Something entertaining is ALWAYS happening there. Then I’ll take an afternoon class at one of the many wellness spaces in the District. I tend to sway towards yoga at Ahana but have frequented Rise Nation. I haven’t been able to keep up, but that’s ok. My food sensor has now gone off, so I’d head over to Ghee for their lunch special which is one of the best bangs for your buck in the District. Then I’d take a walk. I like to walk—it’s the New Yorker in me. I’d pop over to the ICA and then hit up some of the galleries to take in some art. Of course, I’m starving again (noticing a pattern here). I’d head over to Ms. Mandolin and grab a tomato and mozzarella sandwich and a sweet treat of some sort. (Not all at once, unless you’re into that). Now it’s early evening and there’s always something happening in the District; one of my favorites is the Miso concert series. At this point in time dinner becomes a necessity so I’d hit up MC Kitchen for their cacio e pepe. Then it’s a wrap.

Best gift you’ve ever received

Tricky ... Doughnuts.

Favorite city other than Miami

Always New York. 

Comfort food

Steak, french fries, soup dumplings, chicken adobo, pierogies, donuts ..... I can keep going but I won’t. 

Most beloved book

South of the Border, West of the Son by Haruki Murakami.

Spirit animal

Diane Keaton. 

Your first job

Buttering popcorn at a movie theater.

Your dream job

 At some point in time it was an astronaut. 

Bucket list trip


Three items you can’t live without

My Blistex, contact lenses (I’m blinder than a bat) and my Birkenstock's. I’m on pair number 42 (just kidding).

If the Design District had a soundtrack, what would it?

This Must be the Place by Talking Heads.

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