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Art can be enjoyed in countless forms. A trip to the Miami Design District engages all your senses. Whether you’re savoring the flavors at one of our world-renowned restaurants, admiring the stunning architecture of many of the District’s eye-catching buildings, or sampling your new signature scent, we believe in engaging ALL senses in our quest to explore the art world.  

Devialet at Miami Design District

Music is no doubt one of our favorite artistic mediums and HOW we listen is just as important as WHAT we listen to. Devialet recently joined the neighborhood, the world’s most critically acclaimed company for innovation in sound technology. Disrupting the industry with over 160 patents and its ground-breaking technologies, the French designed, manufactured and engineered brand is at the very intersection of luxury, technology, and design. 

Devialet at Miami Design District

In January 2020, Devialet unveiled its newest innovation; the Phantom Reactor Opéra de Paris in partnership with Paris Opéra. This sleek, seriously glam collection of Phantom Reactors are available at all Devialet flagship stores worldwide. Inspired by the iconic gilded interiors of the Auditorium, this white and gold Phantom Reactor delivers an exceptional and deeply emotional audio experience one would expect from the world-renowned Paris Opéra. 

Devialet lifestyle

Devialet’s commitment to technology, excellence, design, and passion goes hand in hand with our beliefs here in the Design District. Every Friday, swing by the Devialet Pop-Up located at NE 40th Street and NE 1st Ave, between 4 pm - 8 pm to sip and shop with live DJ acts and complimentary champagne, enjoy the magic of sound in a whole new fashion. 


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