Remember playing dress up as a little kid where you would throw on anything and everything regardless of whether it matched or not? Well this fall, getting dressed will be something like that. 

It’s fall here in Miami. So what does that mean? In terms of weather, nothing… absolutely nothing. That said, despite Miami’s warm temps, its sexy sun-dwellers still love to dress to the fashions of fall.

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This 2016, some of the fashion world’s hottest trendsetters are reinventing an old trend – making luxe, heavy velvet threads a staple in their fall closet. From rich, colored booties, bags and slip dresses, to subtly shimmering hats and bespoke jewelry with velvet bands, velvet has officially received its warm welcome in chilly fall.

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People tend to scream when they see a critter scurrying across the room. However, the gasps you hear this fall are for fabulousity — not fear — as couture creatures are popping up in a number of designer collections. From kitty cats to fuzzy monsters, here we explore the latest critter craze.

This October get ready to get your savasana on as YogArt — the community event that blends yoga with art and live music — brings back its popular series to the Miami Design District for a second season. 

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