Fall is right around the corner – and while the leaves in Miami might not be changing, gentlemen, your wardrobes definitely should be. And to make sure you fill your closet with the right styles this season, we’ve asked blogger and male stylist extraordinaire Jonathan Urbina, of furryfilthyfashion.com, to give you a few shopping tips.

Here in the Miami Design District, we know that trends don’t just apply to fashion and beauty. With a covetable roster of furniture and design stores in our neighborhood, we want to ensure that your home looks just as chic as you do. One of the interior design styles we are loving right now is the revival of the Mid-Century Modern design.

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In a poetic ode to the natural world, Antonia Wright’s exhibition at Locust Projects, Under the water was sand, then rocks, miles of rocks, then fire, invites viewers to explore the elements of night and day, past and present, and of flowers in bloom. Her installation is nostalgic and fully immersive, and uses both technology and nature to synthesize film, sculpture and jazz into a brilliant sensorial experience.  A highlight of Miami’s lively arts season, Wright’s show offers a respite—a temporal and spatial capsule—in the heart of the Miami Design District.

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Even the most dedicated shoppers need a mid-day break to rest, refuel, and treat themselves to a much-deserved mimosa. So next time you’re planning to shop ‘til you drop in the Miami Design District, take a breather at one of our favorite neighborhood brunch spots.

This fall we are all about designer bags that come in compact packages. Take a cue from the hottest runways around the world and whittle your must carry items down to a concise edit — because this season is all about mini bags.

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