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Our multi-disciplinary design firm Shulman + Associates values its collaboration with artists on shared projects, and in the design of galleries, art centers, private collections and museums. Over the past decade, the firm has commissioned an artist to use its Design District location for a site-specific installation during Miami Art Week in December. Past installations have included FRIENDS & LOVERS by Jessy Nite/FreeSize (2010); L'IL MONO MYTHS by Steve Saiz (2011); RAW POWER by Brian Butler (2012); and BEAUTIFUL TIMES by X|O (2014).

This year, Miami-based artist ARIANA FRANCO of ALCHEMIST PRODUCTIONS has created an interactive, indoor-outdoor installation: META APPARITION. This work is an homage to metamorphic materials that compose each element and the emergence of the artist's recent geometric phase. Franco's work produces a sense of magic through manipulation of form, function, and material palette. The touch of her hand is always visible, imbuing the abstract pieces with painterly details. META APPARITION takes intimate functional forms and allows the viewer to interact individually or in groups. The mass repetition of delicate discs exposes an obsessive collection of a singular object. Larger outdoor forms attract and envelop the viewer, like a moth to light.

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