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Yvel Jewelry

Founded in 1986 by Orna & Isaac Levy, Yvel Jewelry continues a century old family tradition of creating exquisite top of the range jewelry designs featuring pearls, natural Sapphires and diamonds combined with 18k gold white, yellow and rose gold.

Yvel Jewelry (a reversal of its founders surname), is most definitely one of today’s leading designers in fine jewelry and its customers cherish these unique, artistic, award winning creations.

Yvel Jewelry prefers to enhance the natural, exotic beauty of Mother Nature, starting the entire design process with Nature herself.   Isaac and Orna hand select beautiful and unusual pearls and gemstones and let their organic shapes and colors inspire the design of the finished piece of jewelry. This free form design process creates truly unique and eye-catching jewels that simply present the glory of natural beauty.   By caressing a pearl with 18K satin finish gold or highlighting an unusual color gemstone with an innovative cut, Yvel Jewelry creates innovative designs that become wearable works of art. 

Yvel Jewelry’s main collections are The Satin Sea, Rough Elegance, Sunset, Savannah, Biwa, Golden Brown, Black and White, Rainbow and One of a Kind Collections.

140 NE 39th Street
Suite 203
Miami, Florida 33137
Phone 305.573.9835
OPEN HOURS Monday to Saturday
11am - 8pm
12pm - 6pm