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Originally, art was something that only adorned the walls of the rich or royal, it was beyond the means of an ordinary person to commission an artist or purchase a painting for their home. Anyone who was interested in art would have to be content with a visit to a public art gallery or museum. But the twentieth century brought us advanced color printing technology, and this gave birth to an entire new industry of lithographs, prints, and posters. For the first time, people were able to purchase affordable reproductions of their favorite artworks and hang them in their homes. It was not long before people began hanging art in offices, lobbies, and even restrooms. The 1980’s heralded a new era of art in the form of graffiti, and we thought that this was the very last stage of bringing art out of the galleries and museums and into the public domain. But we were wrong. There was one last step to go – ‘Art to Wear’. Traditionally jewelry was always regarded as an adornment, worn to beautify the body, but Yvel jewelry has now entered a new realm. Always in the forefront of design and innovation, Yvel has created striking jewelry treasures that are themselves, true works of art.

Yvel’s ‘Art to Wear’ enables collectors and admirers to carry on their bodies, a precious work of art. Worn in any place, at any time, Yvel’s‘Art to Wear’ inspires those that come in contact with it, and uplifts the world around us.

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