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Black, White & Brown, multidisciplinary artist Derrick Adams’ first solo exhibition with Primary, joins new and unavailable works from exhibits and performances with MoMA/Ps1, The MET, Performa. Installed in an immersive black and white environment, the objects converse within a bold Op-art interior space. Exhibition work incorporates geometric black & white patterns, some with a variation of shade, making reference to the black body as a conduit or apparatus that adds to the performative mechanism in the work. Consistent within the language of Adams’ work is an implementation of cultural identity, social-political commentary, & inherent grid structures. Demonstrating power and reverence, imagery is presented against the hard grid of the interior patterns as an element of engagement with formalism, making it more contemporary, as it be as it becomes intertwined with cultural perspective as content.

Opening reception on December 5 from 5 –8 p.m.

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