• Soundwalk Collective & David De Rothschild Present: Jungle-ized

Soundwalk Collective & David De Rothschild Present: Jungle-ized

JUNGLE-IZED is an immersive audio experience set in the Miami Design District that transports you to the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

Presented in collaboration with David de Rothschild, and in partnership with Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC), the Miami Design District (MDD), Motive.io and CXA+ART, this immersive installation includes a participatory audio experience and an interactive video to encourage a conversation with nature and to heighten awareness of the environmental impact of climate change.

Developed along the 80th meridian West, which connects Miami with the western edge of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon, JUNGLE-IZED MIAMI creates a jungle-to-concrete jungle link by re-inviting Nature into the city, revealing the absence of what was once here where we stand and has now completely vanished; bringing us back to the sound of our origins, Nature being the womb of our creation.

In experiencing the installation, one will have the sensation of stepping out of time, of disconnecting with the ephemeral sense of time and pace of the city, and re-syncing with the eternal time format that we carry within ourselves as human beings; the pace of Nature.

Take a self-guided audio tour of the Amazon by downloading the free JUNGLE-IZED app for iOS or Android from the App Store. Touch the screen and begin a journey through an interactive sound installation that superimposes the Amazon ecosystem upon a 4-square block area of the Miami Design District. Active between N.E. 38th and N.E. 42nd Streets, N.E. 1st and N.E. 2nd Avenues​, you will move deeper into the night as you walk North, and deeper into the rainforest as you walk East or West, until you will find the sound of the Amazon river, the boundary of your experience. Rotate your​ device left and right to experience the rainforest at 360 degrees around you.

The online film is shot in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, and reveals the invisible energy source that exists in the animals, in the air, in the trees, in the voices of the tribal inhabitants of the Amazon. It references the idea of provoking memory triggers and flashbacks to a previous time and place, when Nature was here among us. It explores the notion of longing for our lost environment and what was once our human landscape. JUNGLE-IZED reveals the hidden energy that exists in one of the most bio-diverse environments in the world, bringing the animals, the air, the trees, and the tribal inhabitants of the Amazon to Miami.

Tune into the KABINETT platform (wearekabinett.com) to view the film and be transported to the vivid Amazonian surroundings, where you will be invited to take part in a simple collective action: by enabling the negative function on your mobile phone, you will be able to reveal the positive version of the film, and symbolically make a step forward in bringing back the positive in our conversation with Nature, turn the invisible back to visible.

Go to ‘Settings' - ‘General’ - ‘Accessibility’ - ‘Invert Colors’ - Open the camera App - Point the camera towards the film

JUNGLE-IZED is a project created in collaboration with The Analogue Foundation and presented by Global Wildlife Conservation in partnership with Kabinett. Featuring Amazon rainforest sound environments recorded by Francisco López. Mobile App powered by Motive.io, in collaboration with the GPS Museum Lab. Film by Stephan Crasneanscki.



Miami, Florida 33137