Nancy Davidson is a New York-based sculptor known for her outsized, anthropomorphic inflatables. For forty years, her work has unapologetically addressed issues of power, sexuality and femininity through an embrace of the subversive potential of humor and the absurd. From November 2017 through January 2018, Locust Projects will present the artist’s first solo exhibition in Miami, entitled p e r Sway. Populated with giant, inflated structures, knots, legs and swaying figures, Davidson’s immersive installation explores ritual and theater, and creates a space in which the place of privilege is taken over by parodies of power.
Miami-based artist Pepe Mar will inaugurate a new body of work in Locust Projects’ back project space. Creating a series of custom textiles from images of his past works, Mar will collage this material, sew and paint it, and obliterate areas, bringing together disparate bodies of work from along the course of his career while making entirely new images from the recombined originals. The end result will be a largescale  Gesamtkunstwerk overflowing from the walls, floor and ceiling of the room, collapsing his entire practice-past to present-into one comprehensive work of art.

Locust Projects presents the U.S. premiere of Whithervanes, a neurotic, early worrying system featuring four-foot tall internet-connected headless chickens by Detroit-based experimental design duo rootoftwo (Cezanne Charles & John Marshall). Perched on rooftops around the city, these weathervanes scan the Internet for alarmist keywords changing direction and color in response to the climate of fear propagated by the media. The public can add to the escalation of fear or attempt to counteract it by sending the messages to @whithervanes using either #keepcalm or #skyfalling.

Tuesday, December 5, 7-10pm
Reception for the featured artists features performances and interventions in conjunction with the exhibitions.

Extended Gallery Hours during Art Week 2017:
Wednesday, December 6 - Friday, December 9: 10am – 6pm.
Sunday, December 10: 10am-1pm.


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