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Made by Dusk is a new large-scale installation by Miami-based artist Mette Tommerup inspired by the Nordic Goddess, Freya, the untamed goddess of love, war, beauty, gold, and transformation. 

The exhibition reflects on the potentials of the liminal space of twilight with its enveloping atmosphere of warm glittering golds evoking diminishing rays of sunlight and smoky grays as the infiltrating night. In the world created by Tommerup, a Danish-born artist, dusk is a time of transition supportive of creation and transformational change intended to envelop and suspend the visitor in the timeless, magical, and ethereal space made by dusk.

Made by Dusk is the third and final work in a trilogy of recent installations in which Tommerup explores art’s ability to provide experiences of reflection, connection and restoration. For the final installment at Locust Projects she’s created a place of refuge where visitors can avail themselves of the healing potential of what H.G. Wells referred to as “the great pause,” that moment when time seems to stop and the possibilities of day melt into the stillness of the night.

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