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Nadir Souirgi: Metonym, 2022

Nadir Souirgi: Metonym, 2022 Image
DATES April 4 - June 30
HOURS Monday - Saturday
11AM - 8PM
12PM - 6PM
140 NE 39th St
Suite 106
Miami, Florida 33137
Driving Directions
BEST PARKING Palm Court Garage
NEAREST VALET Valet Station 5 (V5)

An exhibition of new paintings by Nadir Souirgi that challenge human positionality in relation to other animal realms through disorientation, interweaving, and framing. Souirgi’s work ranges from moments of ludic evolutionary force in Pink Light, where the background creates a levity to a scene that could otherwise be interpreted as simply agonizing, to moments of upturned abstraction which upon further examination reveal a code of phantom spaces and faces as in Carnival. Presented by Bas Fisher Invitational as part of "Waterproof Miami," a series of environmentally-informed projects done in collaboration with Bridge Initiative.

Photography by: Monica McGivern

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