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Coral Contemporary Gallery: Seeing with New Eyes: Contemporary Art from Latin America

Coral Contemporary Gallery: Seeing with New Eyes: Contemporary Art from Latin America Image
DATES Tuesday – Sunday
HOURS Tuesday - Saturday
12PM - 7PM
12PM - 6PM
WEBSITE Visit Website
3806 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33137
Driving Directions
BEST PARKING City View Garage

Seeing with New Eyes: Contemporary Art from Latin America features a selection of works by 11 emerging and mid-career artists from Latin America. Encompassing a variety of media including painting, embroidery, papercutting, collage and sculpture, the exhibition highlights contemporary artists who draw from reality to create mystical and deconstructed landscapes.

Among the artists represented are Vicente Grondona and Miguel D’Arienzo, whose narrative paintings reflect on our relationship with nature, while integrating magical realism and mythological elements into scenes from daily life. Whereas their works evoke narrative, Andres Paredes and Lucia Spotorno present elaborate landscapes and nature-based silhouettes. Mirroring one another, Parades’ delicate papercut works and Spotorno’s layered scenic paintings draw viewers in with their playful shadows and convincing depth. Lucas Pertile and Lia Porto’s mixed media and embroidery works push these elements even further through their complex, sensory, and ornamental pieces–detailed landscapes and patterns one can easily get lost in. 

Unlike their counterparts, Chiara Baccanelli, Lucila Fiorenza, Maria Santi, Ana Clara Soler, and Roberto Vivo abstract and deconstruct elements in their practice. Reducing objects to their essence, Fiorenza, Santi, and Soler stitch together compositions creating new narratives and relationships among items ranging from plants, fruits, and vases to organic forms. 

Together, the exhibited works reflect a new way of seeing–one which departs from stark realism and incorporates a vibrant, playful, questioning of forms and traditional practices to create an encounter with the imaginary.

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