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There is a place in Valencia where time stands still to make way for dreams. An artisan workshop just as the three Lladró brothers conceived back in 1953, when they started to fire their first porcelains in the moorish kiln at their parent’s home. Truly passionate about art, they were able to see in porcelain the magic of a material with which they could give shape to dreams. They passed on this vision to the following generation, who are now at the helm of the company. The love for porcelain is alive and well in the team of professionals working at this factory of dreams in porcelain, the place where our most cherished memories reside.

Over 60 years later, Lladró continues to make all its pieces by hand in its only factory in the world. A multinational that exports its porcelain creations to over 120 countries on the five continents, yet it has always remained an artisan workshop.

Lladró is the expression of pure romanticism, of love, of motherhood, of nature, of the traditions of different cultures, and of spirituality. It is a place set aside for magic, for a defense of what makes us happy by just looking at it, the contemplation of beauty.

The Lladró Boutique showcases the very diverse creations within the Lladró catalog, from traditional to cutting-edge creations, from decor to functional, including the brand’s latest venture into the lighting world.

140 NE 39th Street
Suite 204
Miami, Florida 33137
Phone: 305.573.4659
OPEN HOURS Monday to Saturday
11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
noon to 6 p.m.