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It all started with a simple idea: Just because you’re now a parent doesn’t mean you should have to immediately abandon your love of design.

We opened the first Genius Jones store in 2003. Ten years later, that same, simple idea is still as relevant as ever.

It’s about having a choice.

Parents, you don’t have to surrender to the worst whims of the mass market! It is possible to find functional children’s products that are so well designed, you won’t feel compelled to hide them in a closet when company comes to visit! That's what we call design for a new generation™.

What products make the cut?

We love design museums, but your house is not a museum. Some products may look great in photos or on pedestals. But the question is, do they function in the real world? For us, it’s not good enough for a product to simply look beautiful, it also has to work! That’s why we carefully evaluate each product before we decide to sell it.

Products that are good for kids and good for our planet.

We sell products made by companies that voluntarily test their products for safety, use materials that are non-toxic and sustainable, and take steps to ensure that their manufacturing processes do not cause undue harm to the environment.

We're all about great design, not designer labels.

Some of our products are from designers and companies you probably already know. Others are from places you may never have heard of. We love products that have stood the test of time and earned the right to be called "classic." We also love products that offer new solutions to age-old problems.

With so many places to shop, why should you shop with us?

Selection: We offer a carefully curated selection of products, and each represents the best of class in its category.

Knowledge: Let's face it, anyone can line up a bunch of pretty products on a shelf, or post them on a website. But actual product knowledge is very hard to come by. Some online retailers never even touch the products they sell. They just take your order and have the manufacturer ship it to your door. Not us! We have a real store where we demonstrate our products every day. We know which products are reliable and which ones aren’t (and we don’t sell those).

Service: Our store is open seven days a week, and our staff takes pride in providing the best possible shopping experience. You can also call us on the phone and speak to a real Genius Jones customer service representative (not a phone operator reading from a script). If you place your order online, we won't be satisfied until your order has been delivered and you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you're in the Miami area and you need same-day delivery, we'll do our best to accommodate you. When you purchase furniture from us, we can assemble the furniture for you and install it in the room of your choice. If you have any other special requests, don't hesitate to ask!

Integrity: We aren’t the newest kid on the block. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have served nearly 100,000 customers. We offer competitive pricing, top-notch customer service, easy to understand flat-rate (or free) shipping, and we stand behind what we sell with our 30-day return policy.

Sharing: A portion of our profit goes to organizations that focus on the needs of children in our community. Click here to see a partial list of organizations we've helped support.

Fun: Our products may be simple, but they’re definitely not boring. We never forget that childhood is a time of exploring, learning and having fun.

So why did we call our company Genius Jones?

A Genius Jones is someone who has the answers. (That would be us.) We spend lots of time finding intelligently designed products that answer the needs of parents and kids.

So go ahead, enjoy our products!

170 NE 40th Street
# 101
Miami, Florida 33137
Phone: 305-751-2000
OPEN HOURS Monday to Saturday
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