• The Art of the Italian Two Wheel Curated by Stuart Parr

The Art of the Italian Two Wheel Curated by Stuart Parr

Drawing from his extensive personal collection of motorcycles, Parr will reveal a selection of 35 vintage Italian bikes – such names as Ducati, Benelli, Laverda, Magni, and MV Agusta among them, drawn largely from the golden years of the 1960's and '70s – alongside a new design of his own, as well as collaborations with a series of celebrated Italian cycle heavyweights. The exhibition will be on view through April 25, 2018.

A designer, producer, and motorcycle fanatic, Parr engages a kaleidoscopic array of interests and talents. Eminem’s film and licensing manager (producer of 8-Mile), Parr has also designed the nationally acclaimed Marble House in TriBeCa and Clearhouse on Shelter Island, and has produced several major concert and feature films. His passionate pursuit of Italian motorcycles is yet another manifestation this knack for aesthetic dynamism and a particular genius for craft.

In 2015, Parr mounted an exhibition by the same name in New York City, blowing away motor- cycle and design enthusiasts alike with the breadth and beauty of his collection. The 2018 itera- tion of The Art of the Italian Two Wheel gets an upgrade via several new collaborations, includ- ing the launch of a new limited edition Stuart Parr designed MV Agusta / Magni, fitted with a re- launched vintage Pirelli tire, The Phantom.

With a penchant for Italian models from the 1960s and ‘70s, a period many consider to be Italy’s motorcycle zenith, Parr’s collection hums with nostalgia, wanderlust, and exquisite design. 

JANUARY 25 - APRIL 25, 2018

180 NE 40TH Street, Miami, FL
Miami, Florida 33137
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