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Spin Ceramics

Combining ultra-modern design with the millennia-old tradition of Chinese ceramics, Spin’s designers create stunningly unique works of art that seamlessly blend form with function, all while keeping a whimsical sense of humor and playful irreverence for design norms. Our handmade pieces bring beauty and style to the everyday objects that make up your living space: the cup that holds your morning espresso, the windowsill vase full of fresh-picked flowers, or the serving bowl at your next dinner party.

Chinese porcelain and its historic epicenter, Jingdezhen, have a long and storied history as ceramics’ world-premier production center, so much so that the highest quality porcelain eventually became known simply as “china.” Over the centuries, however, output was slowly reduced to a limited canon of traditional designs. As Spin designer Emma Gao explains, “In today’s modern world, traditional crafts have often failed to keep pace, so old ceramics towns like Jingdezhen cling to the old ways. They’re proud of the past but aren’t ready to face the future.”

Enter Spin, whose cadre of young, innovative designers has harnessed the incredible production quality of Jingdezhen’s master ceramicists to create fresh, modern pieces. By incorporating contemporary design elements like minimalism, asymmetry, and abstract glazing patterns, they have injected new life into this ancient craft and succeeded in bringing ceramics into the 21st century. Born in Shanghai, the Spin revolution has become an international phenomenon and once again propelling “china” to the top of the design world.

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