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We live in an age where the whims of the fashion world distort our relationship to clothing. Fashion has steered the clothing industry towards vanity and away from common sense and real human necessities. NEUSHOP was founded in reaction to this reality, pursuing a return to what is basic and essential.

For over three decades, we developed our brand based on this principle. We seek to design elemental wardrobe and lifestyle pieces whose simplicity stems from rich forethought and design. We are in the search for what Morrison and Fukusawa labeled the Super Normal; that which is exceptional because it is expressed in its most fundamental form.

To us, fundamental means functional. Fundamental means versatile. Fundamentals have fair prices. Fundamentals meet the demands of real people. Fundamentals are about modern life. Fundamentals enable personal expression.

NEUSHOP constantly travels the world in search for quality materials and manufacturers. We understand high standards of production ensure timeless, long-lasting, products. And we understand that timeless, long-lasting products are the true expression of luxury.

NEUSHOP clothing speaks for itself; it transcends age, gender, occupation and other labels; it's simple, universal, and made for all.

175 NE 40th Street
Suite 101
Miami, Florida 33137
OPEN HOURS Monday to Saturday
11am - 8pm
12pm - 6pm