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Cristina Lei Rodriguez: Digitizing the Phenomena of Nature

Cristina Lei Rodriguez: Digitizing the Phenomena of Nature Image
Sweetbird South 5 out of the 10 windows
Miami, FL 33137
Driving Directions

Artist Cristina Lei Rodriguez has been commissioned to create a site-specific installation for the Sweetbird Building in the Miami Design District.  This installation consists of 5 large scale prints on the 2nd floor windows of the wooden clad building.  Rodriguez’s art questions what is truly natural in today’s urban world and creates art that is a hybrid of natural and artificial materials and ideas.

The images for Digitizing the Phenomena of Nature (Orchids at Sunrise), were created by making compositions of real exotic orchids and local plants from her family garden on top of her scanner bed, which were scanned with the changing light at sunrise.  The high-resolution scan, captures the plants and the actual sunlight read by the scanner in the moment, creating abstraction and digital interruptions in the images.  Living in this moment of tension between the digital and real world, the artist was inspired to try to digitally capture the everchanging phenomena of nature in an image.  The works are printed on a reflective material that is responsive to its environment by becoming illuminated by the sun during the day and glowing from artificial lighting at night.

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