• Sou Fujimoto: Building Façade

Sou Fujimoto: Building Façade

One of todays most forward thinking international architects, Sou Fujimoto is known for delicate, light structures and permeable enclosures. Inspired by organic eco-systems, such as forests, nests and caves, Fujimoto's signature creations exhibit a vibrant interplay between nature and architecture, blending the internal and external. The building’s façade is one of the cornerstones of the pedestrian-centric area and is inspired by the flowing movement of waterfalls and Miami’s tempestuous rainsqualls. The two-story structure features an elongated series of glass fins extending from the rooftop down to the open courtyard creating a dynamic visual spectacle and alluding to the prevalent aquatic nature of the city.

140 NE 39th Street
Miami, Florida 33137