• Vibram


Vibram Sole Factor Tour stops at Miami Art Week in Jungle Plaza! The Vibram Sole Factor has a 38-foot mobile cobbler shop that upgrades footwear with a Vibram sole within hours. Vibram makes the most stylish, best performing sole in the world. This year, Vibram celebrates 80 years in making the most iconic sole design on the planet — The Carrarmato. Translated from Italian, Carrarmato means tank tread, and 80 years ago, Vitale Bramani, Vibram’s founder developed the Carrarmato design for traction and performance in mountaineering. The sole design has become synonymous with hiking and adventure the world over. Today, Vibram is celebrating 80 years of heritage by working with design mavens the Campana Brothers to help bring a contemporary look to an iconic sole design. Now, during Miami Art Week, visit the Vibram Sole Factor and have your favorite pair of footwear upgraded with Vibram. Open from December 4 to 6.

3801 NE 1st Avenue
Miami, Florida 33137