• White Rain

White Rain

This winter is bringing snow to Miami for one of the few times in recorded history. When this weather first surprised the sunshine state in 1774, locals had no words to describe the phenomenon before their eyes other than “extraordinary white rain.” Now, 243 years later, the shimmering material that ornaments trees every holiday season – silver tinsel – features in Charlap Hyman & Herrero’s rendition of this majestic natural occurrence. Cladding the trunks and decking the fronds of the palms in Miami’s Design District, tinsel brings the archetypal imagery of winter to a summery climate, and a northern German decorating custom to an American beach town. It is this comedy of contrasts that 2017’s holiday decorations exhibit for passersby. The glistening tinsel bears as much resemblance to the snow it references as to the synthetic palette of 1970s Miami. Far beyond the traditional light trimming, the palms have been transformed into giant reflective towers like those lining Collins Avenue. The silver tinsel at once evokes the sincerity of childhood holiday memories and brings back the frenzied ecstasy of Disco. Embellishing and recreating nature, holiday decorations manage to highlight the divergence between the natural and the man-made. White Rain suggests that, in Miami, these decorations are perhaps best accompanied by a sense of humor.

Multiple locations in the Miami Design District


Miami, Florida 33137