The stars posing for the cameras couldn't answer questions, or even speak, during this event. They just looked pretty, gave their spectators a chuckle or a healthy roar. A 1972 Dodge Charger accompanied by two Playboy bunnies, the newly-launched V-12 hybrid hypercar La Ferrari and an ancient XJ Jaguar blasting The Champs classic 'Tequila' from a set of jury-rigged woofers in its trunk were only some of the four-wheeled stars rolled out by Adam Lindemann's New York-based gallery Venus Over Manhattan in conjunction with Ferrari USA.

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Like a magnet, it appears. Art Basel Miami Beach draws A-list personalities and pop ups like no other event in Miami. With celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Boy George, Cindy Crawford, Gerard Butler, Tegan and Sara, Marc Anthony and Princess Eugenie anticipated to come this year, there’s a giddy mood amongst us locals. One may even bump into Lady Gaga as she’s rumored to make a splash, too.

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The collision between fashion, art and design has become an ever-increasing priority on the Art Basel calendar, especially in Miami. In a place where all thre disciplines seamlessly converge, it is only appropriate that a carmaker known for harmonizing beautiful art and intelligent design alongside an international magazine that documents global trends in form and function have created a challenging exhibition: Handmade.

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What do nude performers wearing cardboard house-costumes, fields of black silt littered with clothes and Matisse-like drawings have in common? One. One Torino, to be precise. These are all elements of individual projects by artists Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, Vanessa Safavi and Santo Tolone: collectively winners of the illy Present Future prize presented by curators from ARTISSIMA 2013. In plain English: three artists chosen by three curators, one prize for all given as a part of an elite European art fair. The winners' works were housed at the top level of the Castello di Rivoli, a Medieval palace that served the royal house of Savoy, now home to the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea.

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This is no fair for the faint-hearted or of slight intellect. All international art fairs have their specific personalities: flashy (usually describes Art Basel Miami Beach), snobby (usually refers to the NADA fairs or Liste in Basel) or serious (Art Basel, itself, or Frieze). ARTISSIMA is as well balanced and smooth as a fresh cappuccino: a fair that appeals to a smart, well-traveled and highly connected crowd of international viewers.

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