Romantic and whimsical spring trends are blooming with flowing hemlines, colorful florals and delicate feathers and ruffles. We love this trend because it is easy to wear and tends to pop up year after year making the picks below a worthy investment. Wear one overtly feminine piece or pile on a few and show your romantic side.

To say mixologist Nico De Soto is well-traveled is an understatement—he’s lived in 86 countries and worked in 31 of them. Before coming to MDD, he led some of the most respected bars in Paris, NYC and London; was listed on theTop 5 NYC Most Legendary Bartenders(Grandlife, 2013) and Top 4 International Bartenders of the Year (Tales of the Cocktails, 2017); and was named Most Influential French Bartender(Cocktail Spirits, 2014). Now, with Kaido, he’s made his mark on the Miami bar scene, too. Influenced by De Soto and chef Brad Kilgore’s love for Asia, Kaido serves high-end bar food and cocktails made with traditional Japanese flavors and techniques. 

Brunch isn’t just a staple in South Florida—it’s a way of life. And here #atMDD, we’re all about celebrating the best things life has to offer. Here’s where you can do your weekend brunching in the Miami Design District:

There’s a new place to shop in the District perfect for the gypsetter and the bon vivant—Bohème Boutique. Embodying a melting pot of cultures and styles, the curated collection featured inside the store mirrors Miami’s unique diversity outside its doors. The diverse collective of clothing, home furnishings and décor as well as accessories from around the world makes shopping at Bohème like shopping inside your coolest friends’ home—which is exactly what was intended. The vibe is less stuffy-store and more like a living space making the shopping experience relaxed and fun. Your senses are ignited upon entering, when Boheme’s signature scent of pure jasmine oil from India washes over you and sets the mood. 

Stepping foot into Carvana in the Miami Design District is a spiritual experience. It is clearly not your average shop and in fact is referred to as a temple by its founders. The Miami temple is the first for the city as well as the flagship for the U.S. Here you will find the brand’s handmade pieces that are purposely designed to reconnect the wearer with oneself and raise one’s consciousness.