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The Office Presents: “I DONT NEED IT, BUT I WANT IT

The Office Presents: “I DONT NEED IT, BUT I WANT IT Image
DATES November 28 - January 29
HOURS Monday - Friday
8AM - 6PM
Saturday - Sunday
9AM - 6PM
3930 NE 2nd Avenue
Suite 202
Miami, FL 33137
Driving Directions
BEST PARKING Palm Court Garage

“I DONT NEED IT, BUT I WANT IT” is a group exhibition featuring eight to ten artists, co-curated by Miami's THE OFFICE. and F2T Gallery from Milano. They selected an impactful group of artists within the same generation, incorporating a variety of techniques and providing perspectives of different cultural backgrounds. 

The exhibition brings to light the current global consumerism issues that we currently face, while demonstrating how that is impacting our everyday lives, from a psychological, physical, and environmental perspective.  The selected artists will bring forth a collective body of work that sheds light on global consumerist tendencies of mass-production, while incorporating pop and contemporary pop elements, using vivid and animated hues through a variety of mediums and subject matter. 

Founded by Matthew Chevallard in 2018, The Office. is located in the heart of Miami Design District above OTL. This experiential gallery celebrates an extensive portfolio of vetted and rising artists such as Adam Rabinowitz, Matt McCormick, Thrush Holmes, Eduardo Sarabia, and local Miami artist, Jason Seife.

The Office. gives a twist to the concept of a traditional gallery, bringing in the concept of both fashion and art, our guests enjoy a unique lifestyle experience under one roof. Throughout the calendar year, The Office. showcases several groups and solo exhibitions open to the public. Our carefully selected artist portfolio provides a blend of regions and techniques to create a tranquil and alluring ambiance.

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