Emerson Dorsch

In top form, as always, Wynwood pioneers Brook Dorsch and partner Tyler Emerson Dorsch of Emerson Dorsch Gallery have presented two very different dimensions of contemporary aesthetic dialogue with two solo shows. The first, Chimera, from New York-based artist Saya Woolfalk and the second, Ouroboros, from local artist Beatriz Monteavaro.

Woolfalk creates an alien race known as the Emphatics which populate a psychedelic, brightly colored world that skews our perceptions of ritual, identity, history and empathy. Strewn with pastel patterns of far-flung indigenous cultures and echoes of long forgotten symbolisms, Woolfalk effectively builds an original vision of characters in a world seemingly safer and more vibrantly fascinating than our own.

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The term Ouroboros refers to the symbol of a pair of snakes that devour each other from head to tail: it signifies eternal destruction and rebirth. Miami-based artist and musician Monteavaro builds structures that recall experiences and shadows of an existence founded on the pursuit of artistic discovery. As one memory is broken down, another quickly moves in to replace in with force.

Saya Woolfalk: Chimera and Beatriz Monteavaro: Ouroboros opened on January 11th and runs until March 1st at Emerson Dorsch Gallery in Wynwood, 151 NW 24th Street, Miami. For more information, call (305) 576-1278 or visit www.emersondorsch.com